Transcavallo 2017

Getting ready for the World Championship Alpago-Piancavallo 2017. The departures of Individual and Team races will be moved to Val Salatis.

Archived  the 34th edition of Transcavallo, the Organizing Committee of the World Championship of ski mountaineering Alpago Piancavallo-2017 had to take an important

decision: moving the start-finish headquarters from Col Indes to Val Salatis.
"After the arrival of the last pair of  athletes during the race Transcavallo - said Vittorio Romor, technical director of the World Championship - we realized that the Col Indes area, due to lack of snow, it was no longer suited to the needs of a World competition. While the snow in the South-West slopes is melting before our eyes, in the North slope and in the entire Val Salats there are still winter conditions with a thick and well-placed snow cover. "We're still defining the final details - concluded Romor - but we can't take other roads if not to place in Val Salatis our start-finish headquarters .
As for the race paths, they will be definitely very technical and spectacular, not by chance we wanted to insert the new and spectacular Mont Castelat top".
This World Championship, that will embrace the mountains of Alpago and Piancavallo, is now close to its opening ceremony and the organizing committee chaired by Diego Svalduz is preparing a ski mountaineering event that will remain in the history of this incredible discipline.
Ski mountaineering is in the DNA of the territories that will host the World Championship this year between February and March. Alpago has already hosted an European Championship in 2009 and three World Cups in 2004, 2011 and 2016. Moreover the same Organizing Committee had set up a World Cup in Nevegal (BL) just like "test event" of the European Championship in December 2008. Instead Piancavallo hosted the trials Vertical, Sprint and Relay during the ski mountaineering World Championship competed in Claut (PN) in 2011. Lastly, among the Friulian slopes of the ski area, last year was run the test of the Sprint race World Cup after the Individual race held in Alpago.
The World Championship program includes the opening ceremony scheduled for Thursday, February 23 at 6pm, while the next day there will be the Individual race for Senior categories and on Saturday will run the Individual race for young people - Cadet and Junior categories.
Sunday morning will stage what is considered the race par excellence of the modern ski mountaineering, the Team race, along the classic path partly already touched last Saturday during the 34th Transcavallo. After the rest day - or recovery - depending on weather conditions, the caravan of the white circus will move to Piancavallo for the Sprint race, scheduled on Tuesday. Finally, on Wednesday morning, there will be the Vertical race for all categories.
The week-long competition will end on Thursday morning with the spectacular Relay race.
In Alpago for environment races and later in Piancavallo for the spectacular Sprint, Vertical and Relay races will arrive representatives from 25 nations: the United States, Russia, Romania, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Greece, Japan, China, Sweden , Iran, France, Italy, Andorra, England, Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Canada, Belgium, and South Korea.

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