As the name says, Vertical is a climbing race. It is usually run on compacted snow, on skis (skins under the ski). It may be a time trial or a mass start race and the positive height gain must not exceed 700 metres. The best athletes spend about 30 minutes to finish the race.

The track of this discipline will lead from Piancavallo to Val di Sass.

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Briefing (press)
Vertical race
altimetria AltVertical
Vertical Program

Start at 1340 s.l.m D + 485 m

· Start Vertical Race Cadetti M 11:00
· Start Vertical Race Junior W 11:08
· Start Vertical Race Cadetti W 11:15

Start at 1265 s.l.m. D+ 560 m

· Start Vertical Race Junior M 11:25
· Start Vertical Race Senior-Espoir W 11:35
· Start Vertical Race Senior- Espoir M 11:50

· Flower ceremony in the Finish Area near the Rifugio VAL DEI SAS 12:30
· Lunch 13:30



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